In Loving Memory of “Ma” Adela Elba Varela

Adela Elba Varela, 66

From El Salvador, Adela died January 30th 2012, in Los Angeles California peacefully surrounded by loved ones.

Adela Elba Varela, 66

From El Salvador, Adela died January 30th in Los Angeles California peacefully surrounded by loved ones.

Adela was born to Esteban Varela and Angelica Chica on December 16th 1945, in Santiago De Maria, Usulutan, El Salvador.

Adela moved to Los Angeles, to provide a new life for herself and her daughter. She lived in Los Angeles for over 30 years. She was skilled and amazing at many things and would always take on new work experiences.





Adela enjoyed listening to music, cooking and enjoying food with family, watching a good Novela, and experiencing the outdoors. Adela loved her family and cherished her beloved daughter Leyla.

Adela enjoyed many trips traveling to visit her daughter Leyla in Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Austin. Most recently Adela enjoyed a long trip to Austin, Texas to visit Leyla and her son in law Matt. Together they celebrated the holidays and her 65th birthday. Her visit was filled with lots of laughs, food, love, and joy where wonderful memories were created with her growing family. She also enjoyed many kisses and snuggling from her grand puppy Sadie.





Adela enjoyed a good cup of coffee and laughing at the little things in life. She enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing new things. She always had a smile on her face and would always look forward to what the new day would bring. She was a fighter and worked extremely hard. She never gave up and always searched for the best. Her smile and unconditional kindness brought so much love to her family and friends.

Although Adela was a tiny lady, her heart, love and kindness was immense and filled everyone she met with joy. Adela was sweet and loving, a friend, aunt, cousin, sister and mother, and her smile and tenderness will be missed by all.





Adela is survived by her daughter Leyla, and Leyla’s husband Matt and his family. Her brothers, Esteban and Paco, and sister Angela of El Salvador.

Her life long friend Luis, cousins Miriam, Carlos and Consuelo.

Aunt Margarita and nephews Miguel Angel, Heidi, Ronald, Angelica Maria, Zulma, Geraldina and Paola.

And now for a moment of silence.

An incredible individual has started on a new journey,

A journey of peace and harmony.

Your life was full of courage and strength,

You always moved forward.

You never gave up and fought until the end.

As you head to the tunnels light, May the angels help to lead the way.

May the prayers our families make, shine upon your soul and keep you safe.

In life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still.
 In my heart you hold a place, that no one else will ever fill.

I love you dearly mommy

May your peace bring us strength.