I was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains surrounded by redwood trees and wonderful family and friends. I then moved to the East Side of Santa Cruz in High School (great for my surfing), where I spent some of the best days of my life with a great group of friends.

Live Happily Ever Now

I Migrated to Santa Barbara to go to school, where I met the love of my life, aka Leyla. We then moved to San Diego where I graduated from SDSU, and spent many years in Pacific Beach.

I moved to the wild west, also know as the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX. I spent over 4 years there enjoying my days filled with culture, music, friends, and lots of food trucks and bbq.

Me and my lovely wife Leyla

In the summer of 2012 we returned to CA, and have been living in the Bay Area exploring the next phase of life! I’m super stoked to be living in Santa Cruz and surrounded by lifelong family and friends again.

To sum things up, I have been to Europe 3 times, I love traveling, I now get to go surfing again and enjoy (Baja trips are an all time favorite) the rhythms of the ocean, and am thankful for all of my experiences in life. I’m currently Living Happily Ever Now with my lovely wife Leyla. Cheers!

My old home in San Diego

Live Happily Ever Now